Artist Statement

In the last few years I have augmented my work with classical subjects in the studio by getting out of doors with my camera(s). What I discovered was both fascinating and frustrating: the outside world is constantly changing! Oftentimes I would see a picture, make a mental note to photograph it later, and then find it (later) entirely gone! The world of people, their culture and their works, is a world of constant transformation.

With a bittersweet irony, my chosen medium (transparency film) and image format (stereoscopic), are themselves both nearly lost to history. The film is in its death throes, the stereoscopic image format is a relic of the past, indeed of the earliest days of photography. And yet film and stereo imaging go very uniquely together: the medium format stereo slide (twin 6x6cm film images) may well be the zenith of 3-d imaging formats. As digital technology takes over the photographic medium, stereoscopic images will never again offer so much detail, with such a rich and smooth tonality.

- Boris Starosta, Fall 2005

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